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Area Information

Many famous local shops in the area,
and within walking distance of both Gion and the Kamo River

A great location only a 1-minute walk from Kyoto’s downtown Shijo-dori area, Teramachi Kyogoku Shopping Arcade (Compasso Teramachi), and Nishiki Market. There are many historical sights to be seen and plenty shopping to be done.
Buses to virtually all of Kyoto’s sightseeing spots pass through Shijo Kawaramachi, and Subway Shijo Station is also nearby, making this hotel a perfect base for your tourist travels.

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  • Tankuma Kitamise
    5-minute walk from the hotel
    A long-established eatery that is among the best restaurants offering Kyoto cuisine
  • Kyo-kaiseki KINMATA
    Right next to the hotel
    A famous restaurant, located in a Kyo-machiya townhouse that is a Nationally Designated Tangible Cultural Property.
  • Kyoto GONTARO Main Store
    2-minute walk from the hotel
    A well-known and long-established soba restaurant famous for its golden soup broth
  • Yugyoan Tankuma Kitamise
    14 minutes by taxi from the hotel
    A restaurant offering intricately prepared Kyoto cuisine in a location that’s perfect for appreciating the beauty of the four seasons



  • Karamaru Kyo Karakami Experience Workshop
    10-minute walk from the hotel
    Try your hand at making Karakami paper postcards and panels
  • Yamaoka Hakuchikudo
    5-minute walk from the hotel
    Try painting a folding fan or playing the traditional fan-tossing game “Tosenkyo”
  • Kameya Yoshinaga
    15-minute walk from the hotel
    Make your own Kyoto-style sweets
  • Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum
    1-minute walk from the hotel
    Try a samurai or ninja experience and get your photo taken in traditional armor



  • Notoyo (freshwater fish store)
    1-minute walk from the hotel
    Their eel grilled over Binchotan charcoal is excellent, and grilled eel on rice is available for takeout as well
  • Hayashi Manshodo
    1-minute walk from the hotel
    A long-established shop with discerning standards for the ingredients and roasting methods of their sweet chestnuts
  • Fuka
    4-minute walk from the hotel
    A specialty shop that offers fresh steamed wheat gluten and rice flour, a definitive Kyoto food
  • Ryuoen
    12-minute walk from the hotel
    A long-established Japanese tea specialty shop. Their roasted green tea is especially recommended.

Sightseeing Information

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